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ReefDosingPumps provides the reef aquarist with the highest quality dosing systems at competitive prices. Our Reef Dosing Pump products offer levels of accuracy, dependability and quality of construction that cannot be approached by other manufacturers. Your full satisfaction with a purchase is guaranteed 100% or your purchase price will be refunded.

Our product line is devoted to a variety of precise Digital Reef Dosing Pumps to suit every requirement and budget. All of our dosing pumps are nearly silent, peristaltic pumps with large digital displays. By electronically modifying top-of-the-line medical pumps, we're able to provide the reef aquarium enthusiast with pumps offering rock-solid, dependable performance at competitive prices, while maintaining the precision, quality and craftsmanship necessary for any product made for use in the medical field. For the serious hobbyist, our top of the line "Admiral" Digital Reef Dosing Pump offers two separate channels for easy dosing calcium/alkalinity additives, with rates adjustable from 0.15 mL to 85 mL per channel, and a Built-In, Programmable Digital Timer. By utilizing existing medical technology and updating the equipment for the reef hobbyist, we provide a level of performance far superior to those products made exclusively for the hobbyist, at exceptionally competitive prices.

Reef Dosing Pumps

The Sentry
Digital Reef Dosing Pump
1 or 2 Channels Capability Exceptional Accuracy

Built in Backup Battery

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Digital Reef Dosing Pump
2 Identical Channels
Built in Digital Timer
5 Year Lithium Battery

Dosing 0.15 to 850 mL/
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dNautilis II
Digital Reef Dosing Pump
1 or 2 Channel Capability Exceptional Accuracy
Bright LED

Best Value

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