Reef Dosing Pumps FAQ

reef dosing pumps

    Pump Application Questions

Can I use my pH controller or timer to control the pump?
Yes, with the timer/controller interface, when the outlet from the controller is energized, the pump will run at the rate that you've set it. The interface is available on the accessories page.
I have a float switch that turns on an outlet when the sump needs liquid. Can I use it?
Yes, by using the timer/controller interface, the pump will run only when your float switch tells it to. The interface is available on the accessories page.
Can I run the pump 24/7?
Absolutely!  It's a very heavy duty medical-grade piece of equipment, and is MADE for continuous operation.
What happens if I have a power failure?
If your model has an internal battery, the pump will continue to run normally. If it doesn't have an internal battery, the pump will go off and stay off until power is restored and you return the pump to its' original settings.  If you set the pump up with the timer/controller interface (and the pump has an internal battery), the interface will ensure the pump doesn't run until power is restored.
Does the pump have to pump identical volumes when using the 2-channel set?
Yes, it does. You can, however, change the ratio of components by pre-diluting one of them.
I need to pump 0.5 mL of vodka a day? Will your pump do this?
Yes! By setting a very low rate and using the timer/controller interface. Volumes as low as 0.5 mL/day are possible
How long does the tubing last?
Depending on the pump rate setting, from 6 months to a year. Replacement tubing is inexpensive, and can be found on the accessories page.
Does the liquid I'm dosing have to be above the pump?
No, just within a foot or two of the input side. The pump can be above the liquid to be pumped, and that is the common way to use it.
How high will the pump pump?
Although I've run one with a 20 foot vertical rise, it's best to limit the height to under 6 feet.
Will the two liquids cloud the water in the aquarium?
No. The pump pumps VERY slowly. Simply by putting the output tubes at different ends of the sump, the possibility of precipitation is zero.
How does the display relate to the exact rate that the pump is pumping?
When used with the 2-channel set, each channel will output a volume equal to about 0.15 of the display. Thus at a setting of “10”, the pump will output 1.5 mL per channel. . When used with the high volume set, the pump will output about 3 times the display.